A downloadable pitch-demo for Windows


Original character concept art, landscape concept art, weapon concept art, original music inspired by Xenoblade, early 3d model of the main character Eve, playable level blockout of the Grasslands concept.

Controls: W,S,A,D: move, Space: jump, ESC: closes the game


    • Lead: David Kobza (BreadSTX)
    • Environment: Angel Dao
    • Character Design: Tiffany Huynh and David Kobza
    • Character Modeling: David Kobza and Savannah Wolff
    • Unreal Engine: Cameron Huckleberry
    • Music: Michael Sullivan and Aiden


    X4 Concept Level.zip 323 MB

    Install instructions

    Unzip 'X4 Concept level.zip' then run 'X4 Demo.exe'. Close the game at any time with ESC.

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